Janice Langholz, "Old Joe and the Carpenter"
for "Blessed are the peacemakers"

Leslianne Braunstein, "The Repentant Tax Collector"  for "Blessed are the poor in spirit"

Barbara Turpyn, "The Story of the Dipper" 
for "Blessed are the merciful"

Jackie Johnson, "Jesus' Total Submission in Gethsemane"  for "Blessed are the meek"

Vera DeWeese, "The Donkey in the Pit" 
for "Blessed are you when...   ...persecute you"

Paige Powell, "Holy Is His Name" 
song for "Blessed are the pure in heart"

Paige Powell performs the song,
"Barabbas" by Eldrid Hill

Paige Powell performs her original song,
"Do Not Tell (the Book of Mark)"