Classes and Presentations

See our presentation "How Jesus Changes Lives" at Convergence Church,
1801 N. Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA 22302 worship service this Sunday, Sept. 11th at 5:00 PM!

Worship Service at Your Church

— 5th Sunday Programs —

Our scripture presentations, stories and a song or two is perfect for that 5th Sunday in your church calendar.

Substitute Preaching

— AKA Pulpit Supply —

Many of our members are experienced, practiced and skilled at delivering an in-depth sermon while your pastor is away.

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

— A Children's Program —

Each member will present a story that illustrates mercy, bridge-building in love, and our singer-songwriter will present "That's What Faith Must Be," a song by Michael Card.

The Good News, Retold

— Retreat Class, including small groups for in-depth study —

"The Good Samaritan,"
telling the story in a variety of ways

Exploring the Gospel of Mark through Story

— a 4-week class —

Session 1:

A. An introduction to the Gospel of Mark: Mark 1:1-15

B. Calling the disciples: Mark 1:14-20

Session 2: Healing the Paralytic: Mark 2:1-12

Session 3: The Man at the Tombs: Mark 5:1-20

Session 4:

A. The Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven: Mark 4:1-34

B. Is that all there is? The Problem with Mark’s Ending: Mark 16:1-8

Each session will be a self-contained unit, taught by a different Featured Storyteller. Come once or make a month of it!

A Service of Worship Through Story and Song:
The Beatitudes

Presented as a special worship service

Jesus begins telling the good news of the coming of the kingdom of God by sharing the Beatitudes. You are invited to hear them again in new ways during a one-hour worship service focused on Matthew 5:1-11.

You will experience the retelling of these blessings and hearing folktales and stories. You will understand how, even 2000 years later, ordinary people can be part of bringing about God’s kingdom. If we take the beatitudes to heart by showing mercy, or fortitude or loving kindness in our daily living, we are indeed bringing God into the here and now. Each beatitude is both a blessing and a promise.